Being Hagrid!

In June, I’m going to the SLA (Schools Library Association) conference in Harrogate. As part of the festivities, there’s a Harry Potter celebration dinner with prizes for the best costumes. Dressing up isn’t my usual thing, but in this case, I’ve decided to go as Hagrid – here’s some musings about a costume!

Main Costume

s-l1600Something like this, to start with!

Then add:

  • A pink umbrella (Hagrid hides his broken wand inside a pink umbrella)
  • Some sort of boots
  • A keyring and some keys – jailer type, as Hagrid’s the keeper of keys at Hogwarts
  • Goggles (the first time Hagrid’s seen, he’s wearing goggles – I’ve excluded the possibility of a flying motorcycle…)
  • A small baby doll with a lightening scar on his forehead (Hagrid’s holding the baby Harry the first time he’s seen)
  • A lantern
  • A baby dragon
  • Possibly a (toy) crossbow!
  • A magical creature or two.
  • Possibly a Fang plush (although the official version is expensive, and it’s sitting down)

I’ve ordered the costume from Amazon – it comes without the beard and wig, so they need adding!

Update (2nd March – World Book Day!). The costume arrived today. It’s excellent, and miraculously fits perfectly. Very good quality, too. Available, incidentally, from Crazy Ladies Costumes at a quite reasonable price!


Update (10th March) – Wig, from the same company as above, and beard (generic Chinese maker, via. Amazon!) arrived. Put them together, and they look pretty good, and pretty Hagridly!